Andrew Swiftwing







Cutie Mark:

Acting, Happy/Frowny faces with hearts on the end of the ropes

Sexual Orientation:



Wife: Mizuki Sano

Combat Ranking:


Andrew was born in Cloudsdale, and raised there his whole life. For generations his family was show-artists and lovers to entertain. He had an early start, with acting lessons at 5, and wrestling at 6 (the youngest allowed age). He instantly became adept at acting, earning his cutie mark after an improved showcase. Wrestling took a few years to get the hang of. He took very basic school classes leading up to a very basic education, but what he lacked in mental strength he made up for in physical endurance, he was quickly launched into a life of fame and fortune. Fall and winter was wrestling seasons, while in the spring and summer he would film a couple movies. A very glamorous life that, like it would to any famous pony, begin to wear them down. He decided to take a vacation, but somewhere he wouldn't be found or recognized. He found the mansion, and what started as a month vacation turned into a new home. He met Mizuki Sano (formerly Crystal Snow), who helped him revamp his look and change his color scheme. Months later, he was married and father of a baby dragon and sea pony due to mana fluxuations of the mother. He was recruited by Lt. Dashy and her unit made from various members of the mansion. One day he was blindsided by Rain Drop... and a short fight later, Andrew was rather brutally killed. (Fuck you and your rolls Solen :P) From this, his own reproductive seed was gathered by Pill Popper, and mixed with her own egg to make a new foal... (See Andrew Popper) He is a bit playful, though clumsy, and strong. The years in Vaecordia changed him and made him a bit more serious and caring, or loyal towards his commander. He can get very protective.