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Areanu was adopted by Atta Tude (Then still known as Sax) when she was found on the front doorstep of the mansion with no sign of her parents. He took her in reluctantly at first, but as time went on, the filly began to grow on him. After being her father for several months, a few of the mansion's residents were amazed to see Sax holding his daughter and crying upon the eve of the battle with the First and Only; he had seen the difference in her life that he had made, and he didn't want to put her through that sort of pain again. After Sax's death but before his resurrection, Areanu was placed in the care of Sophia Scroll, where she first began to learn magic in earnest. When her father returned from the grave, Areanu was placed back under his care, where she developed an interest in helping to maintain the Titan: the giant war-machine in which they both lived. After another several months of relative calm, Sax abruptly left her at home without explanation, taking the Titan to parts unknown. She was without word from him or the Titan for weeks; eventually, however, a blue mare calling herself "Kusanagi" came to the mansion, claiming that Sax himself had sent for her. Bidding a hasty (yet emotional) farewell to her friends in the mansion, Areanu packed her belongings and traveled with Kusanagi to reunite with her father. Areanu isn't a very confrontational filly, in stark contrast to her "dad." She's very curious and very friendly, often going out of her way to help ponies that she even vaguely sees as friends. Areanu is still a blank-flank; recently, however, she's developed a keen interest in machines and technology.

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