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Astra as a Unicorn

Astora Bolt was created by her father, a dark god known as The First and Only. After 20 years of being tortured and "groomed" by her father to help him ushur in a new age of rule over the known multiverse. After the first decade of torture, She eventually lost her mind, splitting it into two very distinct personalities. The mature and sophistacated Astor, constantly in control of his emotions, and the almost childlike Astra, with very little emotional control but very high levels of passion and loyalty.

To this day the two remain seperated, only occasionaly reverting to the much more powerful Astora Bolt, the main reason of this being that she lacks any real ability to empathise with others, instead only helping out of a fleeting sense of commitment from her other two halves.

The EscapeEdit

After 22 years of seperation from any living creature other then her father, Astra manage to use a privitive form of run magic to create a portal, escaping to /oat/ville. She spent months wondering around before eventually meeting a pegasus pony named Nimble Wing, who introduced her to the ponies at the mansion, she quickly fell in with two specific ponies, who she still considers her life long friends, Adeptus Saxites and Lt. Dashy. No more then a few days after her escape her father found her, due to the unique link between the two, she was quickly injuried by her father until both of her friends stepped forward.

He laughed at their attempts of defense, leaving them alive and warning him that he would be coming to crush them some time in the future, and that they should prepare for it, because he would be taking his daughter back with him. It was during this time that Astra began to have romantic feelings for Dashy, which have never totally abated despite the years.

The friends began gathering allies, forming an army, preparing to fight Astras father.

The BattleEdit

The battle lasted for hours, other gods were summoned to fight alongside our companions, with friends dieing in a vein attempt to stall the dark god. Eventually he was defeated, his powers stripped from him as he was exiled to the dimension he had called home for such a long time, unable to ever leave again. His powers were inheritad by his daughter, who created a second body so her and Astor would never have to share again, effectively splitting his powers between them.


After the battle, it became increasingly clear that the strain of extra power was too much on Astras emotionally immature mind, causing her to nearly kill several friends, and turn an area of 600 sq feet of sand into glass with heat. She briefly trained underneath the God-Emperor of mankind, eventually decideding that she was gaining the control she needed, she exiled herself for sometime with her brother. During this time the locked themselves in a loop of time, her brother doing research and testing the limits of his abilities while his sister trained and attempted to gain more control over herself. 

Upon leaving this extra dimensional space, she went to find her friends, before being confronted by Dashy and having a meltdown, jumping off of the airship and creating a creator upon hitting the ground, she left shortly after, wondering for a few weeks before returning, having left the vast majority of her powers with her brother, the only safe place she could think of, It was sometime during this that she ended up trapped looking like the leader of the wonderbolts, but she decided not to have her brother change it, having developed a love for flying.


Astra as Spitfire

Not understanding just how weak this left her, she went to pay the mansion a visit, being attacked by harpies with an enchanted Katana as her only means of defense. She ended up falling from the sky, imapcting the ground and breaking several bones and displacing a wing entirely. She was shortly found by Dashy, who took her in, finding out that she hadn't given up her healing factor with the rest of her abilities. She spent months living with Dashy, learning about weapons and technology, since whe would need to know about them for the foreseeable future.

The SummoningEdit

After months of peaceful leaving with Dashy, a few weeks after confessing that she still harbored feeling for the mare, a ritual to summon her father back into our world went horribly wrong. Unable to break through the magically barrier surrounding his dimension, the spell latch onto Astra, using her excess magic and genetic similarity to send her into her fathers dimension.

She spent almost four months alone with her father, being powerless to his abuse and torture, attempting to break her will so she would let him out of his cage. She refused, enduring horrible pain and suffering, unable to die due to her link with her brother. Eventually, her brother found at what happened to her, saving her from her fathers torture.

She spent the entirety of the next month in recover with her brother, the physical damage to her body being fixed in days, while she refused to leave, claiming her emotional stability would cause her to hurt others. Eventually agreeing, she left, heading back to the mansion and using her middle name, Lilly.