Atta Tude
Atta Tude
"Sometimes... sometimes I think an Astartes lives too long."


Early 30s


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Nothing; removed by the gods of Chaos

Sexual Orientation:



Sophia Scroll


Areanu (Daughter)


Oblivious Mansion, Titan Ascendant

Other Characters:

Areanu, Kusanagi, Iron Sights, Jet Stream, Da Sneak, Optimus Prime, Trixie Clones 15 and 16

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Whatever Atta's life was like when he was Adeptus Saxites before he met the mansion crew, he doesn't like to talk about it. They know one thing for sure, and one thing only: his home universe is a crapshoot, and no mistake. When he first arrived in the mansion, he was a genetically altered supersoldier known as an Equus Astartes, and he commanded his own suit of power armor from the Space Marine chapter known as the Angry Marines. One of the highlights of his time in the mansion was when he died fighting a dark god known as the First and Only; it took nearly a month for his friends to bring him back. As time went on, he slowly became more and more jaded with the lifestyle of the mansion, his burden only growing once Oblivious left and placed him in charge. He was infected with a catastrophic disease known as Nurgle's Rot after a fierce battle with an army of Chaos Marines; the only way he could be saved was for his friend Sophia Scroll to purge the genetic enhancements from his body, leaving him nothing more than an ordinary earth pony. Not even his armor survived the battle, as it was utterly destroyed in single combat with a Chaos Champion. He has since left the mansion to live with Sophia, who is currently pregnant with his foal. He comes by whenever he can, which isn't often.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Physical age is well over two centuries, but biological age places him somewhere in his early 30s. On the outside, Atta lives up to his name completely and utterly. He was born to be snarky; someone that's lived as long as he has just isn't impressed by the myriad threats the mansion faces anymore. Get to know him, however, and he's one of the bravest, most loyal, and most dependable ponies you'll ever meet. He'll never back down from a fight, especially if his family and friends are in danger. While he's prone to shows of loyalty and friendship to those that have earned them, he's only shown legitimate affection for Areanu and Sophia. After the gods of Chaos were called upon by Sophia to purge Atta's body of Nurgle's Rot, they spitefully stripped him of his cutie mark and his sense of purpose; as such, he's still searching for what his new life holds for him. Atta only sees mares, and he is currently in a relationship with the aforementioned Sophia Scroll, who, as mentioned above, is carrying his child. He also still answers to the nickname "Sax"; indeed, it is what most of his friends still call him.

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