Name: Bella

Age: 14 months

Gender: Female (rare)

Species: Changeling

Combat Ability: F

Relationships: Adopted by Pyro Spark and Roman Candle

Personality: Aside from having the same psychological capacity of a foal of the same age, she is a sweet and bubbly child. Bella is also highly sensitive. If she is under emotional or physical distress, she will run to the adult pony that she trusts most for consolation and peace. Unlike other changelings, her appearance is one of a much cuter nature and is appealing to many ponies; because of this, she is known to intentionally exploit this aspect of herself to manipulate others.

History: Born March 23, 2011, she originally resided in the changeling nest alongside her brothers and sisters. When the hive launched an attack on Canterlot during the Royal Wedding, she and the other pupae were left behind with the expectation that their parents would return. The attack failed and they all were scattered; Bella's parents in particular were forced into hiding to keep from being killed, leaving her to be an orphan. Desiring to find a family again, Bella made the reckless decision to leave the hive's nest and search for them. She wandered through multiple cities, often with the assitance of their resident ponies without success. Her travels eventually led her to the mansion where she now resides.

During her residence in the mansion, her adoptive mother Pyro Spark brought her into Vaecordia, where time flows at a faster rate. During her time there, she ages three years, at this point making her four years old.

Other: Like other changelings, Bella's source of energy is derived from the love of other ponies around her. However, due to her size and dietary needs, the love she does extract is so little that there are no short or long-term ill effects felt by her feeding.