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Berndem Bones




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Revolver with a rusty metal rose wrapped around it

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(Where she's from)

Berndem comes from an alternate dimension Equestria that was once war torn over a hundred years ago but due to nukes dropping in the war most of the lands have become a destroyed wasteland under no rule. Eventually the land became torn in 2 main sides. The poor living in the Wild Westlands, a huge lawless barren wasteland with few scrappy towns built within it. And the rich living in the massive city of Cantertropolis, a city that has tried rebuilding a basic society with laws and education systems.

(Her Backstory)

Berndem originally came from the richer side of the new Equestria due to her long family history of certain members being in big wars. On her 9th birthday her father had passed down the family Single Action Army Revolver to her. Later that night a new ruler was to be announced into the city and caused a purge within the city. This purge would include anyone who's family tree included those who fought against princess Luna in "The Last War". Bernie's family tree included this. Aside from the purge, the new leader has also arranged to take over the lands in the Westlands in the same night with success. Her family instantly ran back to the house to prepare to leave but they were too late to get out. One of the purge leaders, Vulcan, a tall massive earth pony, smashed down the door and took away her father to the purge. Her mother tried to interfere but she was shot on the spot. Berndem was found hiding in the house and Vulcan decided to put her in with the Slave groups working in a bullet factory in the town of Roach in newly taken over Wild Westlands. On the way to the factory she met another small colt who was in the same situation named Chumly. Chumly was a sea greenish gray unicorn who had already gotten his cutie mark of a pen and an ink bottle. The two quickly formed a friendship that unknowingly would last them the rest of their lives. For 7 years Berndem was enslaved in the factory under Vulcans gruesome rule. Around the age of 11 Berndem knew what she had to do to get out of enslavement. Until she was 16 she spent any time that she had at night training herself to master the Revolver flawlessly. Finally when the time was right she called Vulcan out to a duel. Berndem won the duel along with the rule of the town and made sure it would stay out of harmful hooves. Berndem ruled over the town of Roach until she was 23 years old. During her new rule she developed welding abilities and helped fix the town up. She also built up smaller projects on the side like her jet pack and a few other projects. While doing a test run on her jet pack one day she chased down a rad bat flying around the town. She almost caught up to it when suddenly a portal opened up right before her sending her crash landing in front of the Oblivious Mansion where she was offered a room to stay. Berndem tries to be a very friendly pony to every pony she meets. She's usually very happy and easy going but if the time calls for something big or dramatic she wont hesitate to be serious and step up strong. Berndems Cutie mark is a Revolver with a rusty metal rose wrapped around it

(The revolver part)

From the ages of 11 to 16 Berndem would take advantage of the nights she was able to go out into the desert and practice with her Revolver until she fully mastered using it without any flaw. She would practice shooting every shot perfectly within a split second. She knew she was ready to duel Vulcan when she got her cutie mark since there was no hiding what her talent was now.

(The metal rose part)

During her new rule after she defeated Vulcan, she developed welding abilities and helped fix the town up. She built up smaller projects on the side like her jet pack and a few other projects and thats where the metal rose came to place.

Berndem is straight and is fine with shipping but she probably wont be in a relationship any time soon until she gets to know everyone a little better.

Bernie and her friend Chumly did everything they could to keep each other alive. In one instance when Vulcan was going around the factory doing an inspection he was ready to beat Chumly to a pulp until Berndem intervened at the last second sticking up for him. Vulcan turned at her with a knife in his hoof ready at her. He held her up against the wall by her neck and to leave a way to show who was the boss around here and keep her in line, he raised the knife up to her cheek and left a deep gash straight across it. Leaving her with the visible scar she has across it today. The Bullet Berndem wears around her hoof is much like a last resort for either her, or to be used like a last stand against someone else. Engraved on it reads "Last Ride Out" and she keeps it to use in an emergency.

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