Cutie Mark:

Spade from a deck of cards

Sexual Orientation:



Married to Sawyer

Blackjack was born in Manehattan. However, his family originates from south of Appleoosa. During his time at Manehattan, he made friends with an earth pony that has a ring if gray in his eye named Sliver Band and a pegasus with a streak of orange in his mane but not his tail named Fire Streak. Together, they left the city at a young age and traveled. Before he left, his mother gave him her family's treasured possession, a guitar that could give the sound of any guitar. His father also gave him his family's treasured possession, a bowie knife with the words "friends, family, and your soul guide your life" on it. Together, all three of them had become soldiers for Celestia. They were part of a special group named tactical deployment squad 27. The three were the finest in the squad until a failed mission left Blackjack missing his leg and Fire Streak losing his life. After a while, Blackjack vowed to not hurt anyone unless he or his friends were threatened. He also became resentful of Celestia and now favors Princess Luna. He had now devoted his life to saving people's lives instead of taking them. He had received a doctorate from Canterlot Universities. He moved to Ponyville in search of a new life. However, on a search in the everfree forest to find some rumored healing herbs, he had found a cave with an awesome power in it. In that cave held the Black Blade, a sword from a long list world. Guess the reference and song about it, and IRL, I shall give you a cookie if I ever meet you The sword has thus bound itself to Blackjack. However, it only appears when Blackjack has reached extreme rage or when his life is in danger. He resides in an apartment, going out and exploring the city and the surrounding area as much as possible. He does not work at the hospital, but at the local medical clinic in town. Friendly, smart, willing to take a bet or a pint. Defensive of his friends and will do anything to protect them.