Late teens/early twenties





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Once a young filly living in Cloudsale, this alternate Fluttershy had a happy an uneventful life. That was, until one day shortly after aquiring her cutie mark, while she was at play, a dragon appeared, and took her away. Taking her to his lair, he caged her and preparing her for his meal. Luckily, a group of heroic ponies came to her rescue liberating the young pegasus. However, despite returning to her home with injury, the encounter did her a great abit of harm. Already a nervous and easily startled pony, the yellow pegasus would start to find comfort in food, and ate whenever she felt nervous or frightened... which was often.

Eventually, her disorder would cause her to grow to quite... generous proportions. Making her an easy target for the class bullies, she would turn to what eased her and brought her comfort, stuffing herself to dull the pain. Eventually, it got so bad that she began to sank through the clouds, and had to move to the ground so that she would be safe. Now living in Oatville by the woods, she would have a quiet life... quiet for somepony in Oatville. She is quiet and gentle by nature, her shyness is amplified by how insecure she is about her body. However, she's grown more confident recently, due to the many new friends she's made since she's moved to Oatville. A caring and nurturing soul, she is a very motherly mare, despite having no foals of her own.