Captain Brinkles McGee
Brinkles McGee




Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Crossed Scythes

Sexual Orientation:




In high school he was continually tormented for being a blank-flank. When he was 18 he enlisted in the Equestrian Army and went off for training. He got his cutie mark during training. It being one of three like it, he was pulled and placed under special training orders with Cpt. 'Crazy' Eddie Shy. After the completion of his training he was inducted into the Elite 10, the ten best soldiers in the Equestrain Army. He was then sent out to test his skills by eliminating a rebel sect within the Equestrian Government. Some of the leadership and members managed to escape in the chaos, for they knew it was coming due to a mole within the bureaucracy of the Night's Ghost. The escaped members and leadership later showed up at Brinkles' marefriend's (Fallen Flower) house when he went to see her on leave. He saw something was wrong and took immediate action. After reaching her room he was forced to drop his weapon, and to his knees. He then watched as they shot Fallen in the back, killing her. They left him with two large goons, who proceeded to beat the now broken soldier as the others left. This is the pivotal moment where he snapped, the voices in his head appearing, he would kill the goons, and hunt down and kill what was left of the sect. The rest is now history.

He's serious when he needs to be, otherwise he's a fun-loving crazy 'fucker' that knows how to have a good time. Yes, he can be annoying but he normally has the best of intentions at heart. He sometimes drinks too, whether for fun, or out of depression, the alcohol he drinks affects his moods differently. He's also a smart-ass, can't forget that. I've never seen him truly pissed, so my advice is just don't piss him off. He is part of the Night's Ghost, but seeing as there are no wars going on he has been being pawned off by the Army as a mercenary, doing almost anything for the right amount of bits. He also has a healing factor obtained by contract from Astra Bolt. He exchanged his services as a Mercenary for the healing factor, so he does as she says.