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He found a portal from his home world and he was a minstrel from it. When he entered Equestria he immediately went to look for more of his own kind and as such went to the desert where he has stayed in solitude for many months. Nopony knew who he was nor do they seem to care as he minds his own business around Equestria. He always tries to know the lay of the land and has learned many skills.

he is a Thri-kreen an insect-like race that hails from the tyr reagon of a world called Athas a world defiled by magic. said world is ruled by sorcerer kings that have ruled for centuries. the Thri-kreen have few abilites like their multiple arms and they can remember anything that has happened to past kreen with just a touch of an artifact. the kreen live for the hunt and have it so any sort of aggression on them results in a full retaliation from them.


an example of a Thri-kreen.

Cha'ka was one that was shunned for his looks and has been used to seclusion for maybe years at the time. Cha'ka was exploring the tyr region of Athas when he was introduced to Tyr's eyes, a group of Beggers, Thieves, Street performers, and laborers led by one Jossi The Juggler. after being a grand thief he became a trained assasin and taking from the nobles is what he did best. he is old for a kreen most kreen don't live past 30 years of age.

During his time as a Tyr's eye he has been able to keep over 1000 gold pieces and a horde of weaponry but it is still in his vault in which he has in Tyr. Cha'ka like most Thri-kreen hate anything that defiles the land and he also hates any magic user no matter if he/she says that it is "helpful"