Chef Clyde Stale
Clyde side
"I like the library...nopony goes there."







Cutie Mark:

A Chef's Knife

Shipping Preference:





August 24th

Eye color:

Mediterranean Blue

Born to Imbez and Monica Stale, Clyde (Original name Scams Stale) was, in his father's eyes, the unwanted and unneeded second child. His father, a bigoted believer that Earth ponies were supreme, saw the young pegasus as nothing more than a blemish on his family’s, otherwise, perfect pedigree. As he viewed Clyde as little more than a mongrel, he treated him the same way, often beating or punishing Clyde over the smallest mistakes.

By the time he was ready to turn two, Clyde had already spent more time in a hospital then many ponies in their twenties have. Finally, his mother drew up the courage to have Clyde moved to the Fillydelphia Home for Orphaned Foals, as she was unable to support herself and Clyde. Clyde spent the next four years being bounced from foster home to foster home before being labeled “unplaceable”, and being kept in “The Home”, as many called it, until he was sixteen.

In the home, Clyde quickly learned, there is a hierarchy. Older foals treat younger ones as punching bags, with age groups divided up by size. Unfortunately, until he was thirteen, Clyde was among the smallest in his age group. Constant beatings and harassment hardened and trained Clyde, until he was finally big enough to retaliate.

As he was still among the smallest, Clyde learned quickly to strike fast, and get away, often leaving a bloody or broken nosed colt behind. If one could get Clyde to speak of those days, he would, reluctantly, call it his “calling card”. To break a nose and escape without a scratch showed the others that he was not to be bothered. Clyde finally had some peace and quiet, but continued to train, because there was always somepony looking to make a name by fighting him.

By the time he left the Home, at sixteen, Clyde was taller and stronger than almost any pony in the home, the only exception being the Home’s chef, Iron Skillet, who had trained Clyde to give him an outlet, and keep him away from potential fights.

Clyde took his time, traveling across the nation, from the far east, to as far south as one could go, learning and absorbing new cooking techniques the entire time. However, trying to survive on the wages of a traveling chef tend to prove tough, and after a while, Clyde found himself entering prize fights to supplement his meager salary. It was at one of these fights, just after he turned twenty three, that Clyde lost sight in his right eye.

After a narrow win, Clyde was jumped by his opponent afterwards. A quick slash of a blade sent Clyde to the hospital, and his depth perception to his memories. It was after this that Clyde threw in the towel on prize fighting, opting to return to his travels, occasionally applying for any temporary job he could, from helping to unload crates at a shipyard, to, as he will put it, “Modeling”.

Eventually, more by accident than anything else, Clyde found himself at the mansion. Naturally, curiosity got the best of him, prompting Clyde to check it out. Where he now spends most of his days in the seclusion of the library.


Clyde is extremely withdrawn and distrusting of crowds. He prefers relative quiet and seclusion to socializing, prompting him to often hide in more unused parts of the mansion. He has a strong dislike for fighting, partially from the memories of how violent he used to be, and partially from the memories of what fighting got him.


Clyde’s father (Imbez), was a fairly tall earth pony, his height a trait passed on to Clyde, granting him unnatural height for a pegasus. Clyde also rarely flies, occasionally forgetting he has wings, resulting in the occasional faceplant.
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