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Born a pony like anyother, the one known as Wade WIlson grew up a deliquant. However one day he became diagnosed with an uncureable cancer that threatened to end his life. So he signed up for this crazy military experiment called weapon H. They cured his cancer by giving him a healing factor that allows him to heal from most wounds that would kill most others, also he was givin a human form. Upon escape me made work as a mercenary and learned a but about life along the way. A doctor gave him the power to turn back from pony to human at will. Although his ways may seem strange Deadpony mostly is able to remain on top of things. While he's sneaking sneezing powder into your cookies he may also be just trying to stop an argument. Also while he's ranting about why cherrychangas are the best thing ever he's basicly using that as a distraction while he thinks of a hundred ways to kick your flank. Deadpony's cutie mark is esentialy the logo on his belt. He got it after breaking out from the weapon H lab, very violently. It basicly means that he's a fun guy, but he's also able to kick your flank in so many ways it'ld make your head spin. The eyes on the logo signify that he has "Multidemensional Awareness" In laymans terms he can break the 4th wall. He's trained in various melee styles. Also has training in multiple firearms but rarely uses them cause he dosn't see them as "Fun". Also his favoret show is the golden girls.

Deadpony's history with the group is one filled with twists and turns, enough to make even his head spin from confusion. He has been a valuable allie, and also a fierce enemy. Before the group officialy got off the group into the realm of /rp/ Deadpony would follow Oblvious on many of his random adventures, which mostly ended with him cleaning his wounds while Blivy got with the mare of the month. One of these adventures led them across a mare by the name of Sophia Scroll who instigated the duo into fighting each other. By the end of the first fight both Oblivious and Deadpony were left with major injuries and a rivalry that threatened to destroy the friendship they worked so hard to build. Eventually with the Magic of friendship and a common appreciation for shiny pennies, the duo was reunited.

Soon the group had grown beyond either of the two's dreams. With so much epicness going around the group was forced to move to /rp/ where they now reside to this day. Eventually Blivy's dear friend Sax had been killed and imprissioned in hell. Eager to help his friend Deadpony voulunteered to help retrieve him. There the team had to endure the trials of the Godess Vesania and were forced to face their greatest fears. Deadpony's trial consisted of *Corrupted Data* And so so with Sax free the team returned home. Upon preparing food for the celebrations Deadpony found a surprise in the form of a young demon filly in his oven. With it came a note containing the words "She's Yours". And thus since then, Dementia has been a key factor in Deadpony's life that influenced him to become a better pony.

As time passed, Deadpony's friend Chromia had somehow summoned her late wife/mentor Applejack into this world in the form of a spirit attacted to her soul. Eventually the godess Astra found it fit to give Applejack a body. However due to tampering with the body, she unwillingly set free an ancient inter dimensional monster that threatened to destroy all life. Having attended the ceramony, Deadpony was thrown into the thick of the fight. Seeing no other option Deadpony flung himself into the creature, trapping himself into a memory from Chromia's past. There he played the roll of a wounded spy whom Chromia had to help carry back to base. The creature then gave Deadpony an ultimatum "Kill her, or be trapped in this endless loop forever". Seeing no other option, Deadpony slit her neck, something he never thought he could do. This however turned out to be a ruse from the beast.At the last second with the help of Applejack, Deadpony was able to temporarily slay the beast effectivly trapping it once again in Applejack's soul. This series of events would begin a complicated love trangle between Deadpony, Vesania, and Applejack.

After the events of SIlent ponyville, Deadpony finally asked Vesania to marry him. The days prlonging the ceramony were filled with both joy and regret for Deadpony as he wondered if he made the right decision. The day came sooner than he realized as before he knew it Vesania was walking down the isle in her elegant black dress. However before the union could complete Applejack came bursting through the castle doors demanding Vesania "Get her hooves off her man". And so a fight broke out in Vesania's castle, with Deadpony standing in the middle of it all wondering what he should do. It was then he eventually made the decision to pull out his pistol, and fire two rounds into Vesania's skull. The act caused everything in her realm to freeze in time. The fires, the monsters, and even Dementia was now trapped in time. Upon thier arival back, Deadpony was shocked to see Scarlet and Crystal Bind in his bedroom. Instead of rage however, they greeted him with words of gratitude, thanking him for freeeing them of there curse. But dispite Scarlet's pleas, Deadpony couldn't leave Applejack for her. He has since then promised to atleast help raise Crystal, who was now once again a filly.

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