Dimitri L'Ousteau







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sort of "Underworld Celebrity", Dimitri is equally at home both in high society gatherings, and shady back alley crimes. Dimitri was once a passionate young art student who worked hard to create his own visionary style. However, the art world wasn't quite ready for his "kinetic asthetic". So Dimitri gave them what they wanted and started forging old paintings. His way of punishing those with bad taste.

Dimitri was the proud owner of "Le Theatre Magnifique"; a popular nightclub in his hometown of Paris. This ended when Sly Cooper and his band of thieves disrupted his money counterfeiting operation and jailed him. Against all odds, he met up with them again in Italy, and in return for springing him from jail, he agreed to help them. As time went on, the Cooper gang found use for his... unique talents where thievery was concerned... Most notably his surprising nack for swimming underwater incredibly well despite not looking athletic in the least bit.

After running into a bit of trouble with the crime lord The Panda King, Dimitri and the Cooper gang split up to meet again another day. Having previously met Arpeggio and a few others from the mansion, Dimitri chose the mansion as a base to get back to his old habits of art forging and running a night club while he waits for the Cooper gang to contact him. Incredibly passionate and egocentric, he is a total drama-king. Dimitri grew up watching hip hop music videos, and has developed a language all to his own. One half street slang, the other half broken English-French. He is incredibly paranoid and gets nervous easily, which is usually heralded by his fidgeting and twitchy movements and behavior... At least more than he usually is. When faced with confrontation, Dimitri will try and make a deal with whatever he may have at his disposal, wether that be money, favours owed, favours promised, or collateral. When a fight does break out, leave it to Dimitri to play dirty.