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Dr. Horrible (played by Neil Patrick Harris) is the anti-hero and main character of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog who aspires to join the Evil League of Evil. Dr. Horrible, the name by which he is commonly known (especially by the public), is the alter-ego of Billy (his actual name). Billy is primarily motivated by a desire to make a drastic social change in the world by putting the power in his own hands. His image opens and closes the show, in both instances, showing him sitting in front of a web-cam recording content for his blog, where he talks both of his villainous exploits and of his experiences with Penny. Dr. Horrible has a friend and henchman, Moist, with whom he discusses his evil plans, and his crush on the girl from the laundromat, Penny, who he has yet to even say hello to. Dr. Horrible's nemesis is Captain Hammer, a vain, prideful superhero, described by Dr. Horrible as a "corporate tool". Dr. Horrible has many inventions to help enact his plans, including a Transmatter Ray, a Horrible Van Remote, Freeze Ray, and Stun Ray that is later upgraded into a Death Ray. His costume consists of a off-white (eggshell) lab coat, khaki pants, white boots, light grey gloves, and silver welding goggles. When Dr. Horrible eventually joins the Evil League of Evil, he changes to a red lab coat and black gloves and pants. He is a nice guy usually, though he can be obessive with those that he loves. Especially if they do not love him back. No Cutiemark. He calls himself a Doctor despite the fact that he's a Scientist.