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Boyfriend: Midnight Sparkle,

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History: Dream was originally 5 years old when she came to the mansion, chancing butterflies in the Everfree Forest. Through a 5 or so month period (and lots of adventures) she moved into the custody of her Uncle Maximum and was brought adventuring with him over the span of a few months, in which she traveled around the world... Dream and the group mainly traveled among the Equestrian Badlands, encountering multiple enemies including the Changelings. She came back for a few days around Spring, looking a little older but she left shortly. This time, she went adventuring with a different crew across Equestria without her Uncle. Eventually Dream came back to the mansion, and feeling older then she actually was she made a deal with the Enchantress to become 18 forever.

Personality: Dream is more serious now, as she has seen the world and knows much more about how it actually is, however she is still naive and has no idea what being 18 is actually like. Dream is a nice pony, and likes making friends with the Mansion's residents. She doesn't hold most grudges and likes to have fun.

Special Talent and Cutie Mark: Dream's cutie mark is a bunch of wavy lines colored white or red. Her special talent is either stunning ponies or putting them to sleep for 2 minutes. They have to be within 10 feet of her and make eye contact in oder for the spell to work.

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