Dusk never knew his family, he was found in the middle of the wastelands where Diamond Dogs live by a wandering pony, who took him to a nearby orphanage. The orphanage was nearly empty, being in a secluded location with the only people who come by adopting at least one with their visit. Dusk however, was never adopted.

Everyone who came looked down on him, they didn't know why, and neither did he, but they did. He had an aura of Death and Decay around him until his 8th birthday, when he left the orphanage, not permanently, just for the day, and enrolled in a school. There he learned of his ability to manipulate technology, he slowly became obsessed, and slowly driven mad. His brain tried to counteract his differing emotions by splitting his mind into multiple personalities, and so he continued on in his education as an engineer.

Once his 18th birthday came along and he was forced to leave the orphanage, and went on a theiving spree around the multiverse, finding different ways into dimensions throughout time and space, and stealing designs, hand/hoofheld tech, and vehicles, the latter two he would reverse engineer.

Dusk has the innate ability to ignore the fourth wall as a wall. He sees a large window instead, and goes on to note when characters' rpers or as he calls them "Narrators" are tired or hungry.