Dusty Page
Dusty Page


Young Adult





Cutie Mark:

Three Scrolls

Sexual Orientation:




Grew up in Roanopah, Neighvada; his lack of raw magical ability had always been a sore point, and he constantly sought ways to make it useful. He got his cutiemark after discovering an ancient ruin outside Roanopah, which held a library. He later left to study in Canterlot, but finding problems with the traffic in the library there, left for Ponyville not much later, drawn by its library - and the fact that a mare studying directly under Celestia, cataloging the library itself, could be a valuable tutor. However, an incident in a ruin in the Everfree Forest left him traumatized, and after casting a deliberately half-finished long-distance teleportation spell, he arrived in the hub dimension. A meeting with Dawn Bright allowed him to recover from the psychological damage he suffered in the Everfree Forest. Bookish, awkward, and arrogant, he's also easy to manipulate and weak-willed. He's also fairly inexpressive and difficult to read, as well as mildly sadistic and sociopathic; another's life is worth less than the acquisition of knowledge. Oh, and horribly kinky, but that's not gonna come up (on Ponychan, anyways).