Hazama / Terumi Yuuki




Human/ Ghost/ Puppet



Cutie Mark:


Sexual Orientation:




Hazama’s world is an apocalyptic wasteland, mainly because he himself made it such; in an attempt to make an all-powerful weapon he could use to destroy God, he accidentally created the Black Beast, which proceeded to wipe out almost all of humanity. Hiding the fact that he was behind the Beast’s creation, he united with five other humans of immense power, forming the Six Heroes. The Heroes would go on to defeat the Beast and then set to work on rebuilding humanity. However, Hazama revealed his insane nature when he murdered another Hero in cold blood and to spite Jubei, a third Hero. He was imprisoned in the Boundary (the space between dimensions) before he could wreak further havoc. While wandering the Boundary he eventually stumbled upon the rift to Equestria, and he gladly took this chance to escape. azama is, simply put, insane. He doesn’t take any of his opponents seriously unless he knows them well and he knows that they are a major threat. He enjoys taunting his enemies (and something even his “friends”), reminding them of their various failures and pitfalls before he trounces them in combat. If his enemy isn’t emotionally, mentally, and physically crushed by the time he’s finished with them, then he doesn’t consider his win a true victory… but he still thinks it’s funny. Hazama’s Drive is the Ouroboros, a magic attack where he can summon numerous snake-like, black and green chains that can puncture almost any armor. If the Ouroboros connects, then he can command it to bite down so that he can pull himself towards his enemy for close-quarters combat. He is highly dangerous in hand-to-hand combat, as he is capable of moving at preternatural speeds and he is unnaturally skilled with knives. Even from a distance, he is a force to be reckoned with, as he is capable of dodging almost any projectile and he is highly talented with both the Ouroboros and with throwing knives.

Continuum Shift: While this isn’t so much an attack as it is a passive ability, it is quite possibly Hazama’s most dangerous weapon. Hazama is an Observer, meaning he’s been chosen by God to watch the world; unfortunately, God is unaware of Hazama’s ambitions, leaving the madman to his own devices. The Continuum Shift traps Hazama in an eternal time loop, meaning that he knows what you will say, when you will say it, how surprised you will be when he knows what you’re going to say, and when you’re going to attack him. Your only chance of beating Hazama is to hope you’re doing something differently than you did last time… and the times before that.

Serpent’s Benediction: Hazama is surrounded by a sickly green aura that he can channel into his next attack, greatly enhancing its power.