Inferno Cian Scotch
Inferno(Sonicega's remastery)
"I don't miss twice."







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This user is an AOS Canon officer.

Inferno was born in Canterlot to the parents, Crimson Scotch and Shining Crystal. When Inferno was a young colt he used to explore a lot. One day while he was exploring the outer lines of Canterlot he came upon an abandoned warehouse. Not knowing any better he entered and explored, he soon found the several colts and fillies had been brutally murdered. He also found several tools that were used during the murder such as a scalpel. Rather than go tell the police he kept in everything that he saw and to this day remembers the exact location of the warehouse. Through the rest of his life he never seemed as though he was of sound mind. Do to this tragic event that he had witnessed he now suffers from psychotic break downs. In more than one instance he has almost killed several people. This all became worse when he discovered his true talent, pyromancy. He only told his parents that the reason he left Canterlot was because he wanted to live on his own, when the truth was that he never wanted to see that warehouse again. Skip forward to age 24 and a genie approaches him with 1 wish. He uses the wish to obtain a box, yet unlike any ordinary box this box has similar ability’s to that of a portable genie. The box can only be used or destroyed by Inferno unless commanded to follow someone else, it can summon any form of material, item, possession as well as bend the fabric of space and time.