Iron Sights
Iron Sights
"I can't deal with that now."


Possibly as old as Atta Tude


Earth Pony



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Two alicorns crossing

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Award Officer
This user is an AOS Canon officer.

Even more mysterious than Sax was, Iron Sights was promoted to Chapter Master of the Sons of Equestria after Sax fell in battle against the Chaos Marines for his exemplary service against the horrors that the traitors unleashed against Sax's Chapter. He carried his beloved Chapter Master back to the Titan, leaving him in the care of Sophia Scroll. His actions have been unknown since then; his only appearance has been to tell Deadpony and Darkwing that Sax was not dead, only missing, and that it was imperative no Imperial officers discover the truth of Sax's "death." Iron Sights seems like an understanding sort, even for a Marine. He fondly remembers Sax as his Chapter Master, and he is unsure of his own ability to lead the Sons of Equestria now that he is gone. His ability to fight is on par with Sax's own, as evidenced by the pits and scars that cover his face. Iron Sights is a stellar marksman, serving as the range-master for the Sons of Equestria before his sudden promotion to Chapter Master. His cutie mark is pictured. As a true Equus Astartes, Iron Sights has never even considered being in a relationship; he lives only to serve the Emperor and Celestia.