Six months





Cutie Mark:

Leather Dog Collar

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


Jewel was created by Dr. Doktor (another Ponychan user) in Inferno's Apartment. He had designed her to be the ultimate in artificial life, yet also intended for her to be nothing more than a sex slave. She was given various physical enhancements: very fast healing, increased sensitivity, muscle structure of a moderately athletic pony, and resilience to pain. Mentally, she was given an instinctive obedience, as well as the capacity to overcome any sort of mental trauma. All of these were added in order for her to achieve her purpose as assigned by Dr. Doktor. However, when she was created, Nimble Wing took issue with this. He attempted to fight for her freedom, but was set against Jewel in combat. He refused to fight her, and Dr. Doktor took her away, nothing more than a science experiment. Some time later, Nimble Wing happened upon Dr. Doktor again, and managed to convince him to relinquish the care of Jewel to him. Since then, Nimble Wing had worked to show Jewel how to live a normal life. He taught her to speak, think for herself, and to resist her instinctive obedience. She now travels back and forth to the space station Orion, having worked her way up to the position of Chief of Security and Defense Systems, being granted a security clearance level of 12. She's become adept with the Orion's systems, but is also handy with most other computers, machines, and such. Jewel is cool, calculating, and nearly emotionless. She was created with the idea that emotions would detract from her purpose, so she only understands the concept of what emotions are. She will very rarely display an actual emotional response, and when she does, it's usually small and reserved. However, Jewel does her best to maintain her friendships, taking after Nimble Wing in that regard. Her cutie mark is a spiked, leather dog collar. Her original talent was being the perfect, obedient slave. However, it has slowly been erased from her. The cutie mark represents nothing, and her special talent appears to be surfacing as a talent for handling and remembering large amounts of data and information.Jewel does not have the capacity to feel love, and cannot ship. However, her original purpose means that she is willing to be with anything, given good enough reason. However, she will feel nothing for them, and have no regrets with leaving them with no notice. This is not a character meant to ship. Jewel is friendly, but tends to be blunt about things due to the way her mind works. And thanks to her sense of gratitude towards Nimble Wing for showing her normal life, she does hold him within very high respect, and may or may not feel something towards him. Also, if put through enough mental stress, it is possible for her to revert to a submissive, obedient state. She will recover quickly from this, however. It should also be noted that her healing ability is entirely optional, able to be used at her own discretion.