Mariadici Elivnici del Lennicus
Larry summoner outfit


8 or 20


Undead Demon/ Unicorn



Cutie Mark:

Conjuration symbol for Oblivion

Sexual Orientation:



Apple Bloom

Combat Ranking:

E without his summons.

A with a summon.

Larry was born after his mother and father went to a cult to make a pact with Satan. With his mother being a pony and his father a human they could never have a child without the help. After Satan impregnated Larry's mother they sold their souls to the cult. After Larry was born (originally under the name Mariadici Elivnici del Lennicus) he lived his life in Ponyville With his two friends Fruitaloo and Zippy Zoom, They formed a group together called the Cutie Warrior Crew to rival the group of the Cutie Marke Crusaders. Upon realizing they were getting nowhere fast in getting their cutie marks they decided to leave ponyville and run away together. After leaving with his friends he found the mansion and they all decided to stay together..

While at the mansion he met Pyro Spark who adopted him and his friends. At one point Larry was fufilling the request of Satan to revive Mundus Devorantem, upon summoning him Larry quickly used his entire being to teleport Mundos so far away that it would take awhile for him to come back. Due to the amount of energy he had to use he died and went to Hell where he trained with Satan so he could become stronger. He was in Hell for over a month mansion time, but 10 years Hell time. After digging and crawling his way out of Hell he returned on the day Mundos came back to the planet, with the training he did in Hell he was able to destroy Mundos and return once again to his normal life. Until later down the road in a fight with Raindrop his magic backfired and he died once again this time to avoid his escape Satan stripped him of his powers until he was allowed to return again with his powers once more. 


Larry is a very playful demon. he loves to mess with people and doesn't really care who he messes with. He isn't really violent towards others unless provoked. 


Has a voice in his head and a magic book that lets him break the 4th wall. His buddy Deadpony helped him further this power.

Due to Seras dumping holy water on him it fused with him and he now has an angelic side to him that appears every so often if he is getting to out of hand with his pranks.