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Male (female form at bottom)

Cutie Mark:

Red Cross

Sexual Orientation:

Lesbian/Bi (Depends which gender he/she is currently.)


Cobalt Blazer

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Vesania (He/she doesn't know that his/her mother is Vesania incharacter yet.)

Lava was adopted outside of the Everfree forest by Preddi and Rainbow Bright at castle Doran as a little foal. Several years later he had eventually moved out, heading towards Cloudsdale. Studying very hard at school there he had discovered his cutie mark during his time working as a volunteer at a local Hospital. Meanwhile back in school he wasn't entirely excited about taking most of the gym classes offered at the school; instead he found Ballet to be enjoyable and took it to fulfill his PE related requirements. Upon graduating from high school he received a job at clinic at cloudsdale. Eventually heading back in time by ten years, he took up a job as a doctor at Ponyville hospital. He had been turned into a mare following a gender potion incident at Mystic bolt's café for some time until taking the antidote to turn back.


He's Very friendly, tends to get shy/nervous talking about specific topics like his second job and the word 'dating', he does happen to get angry and will attack; however this is rare outside his second job. After recovering from Amnesia, he decided to change back into a stallion. Although he still prefers mares over stallions, Lava is still currently confused on the inside after trying to date Bronco, eventually breaking up with him after a certain event occurred during his time as a mare. As of right now, he was/still is in a relationship with Cobalt Blazer and trying to decide if he should break up or change back to a mare and continue.

Eventually beginning to work as a part time maid at the mansion, the feeling of wearing a maid's outfit had grown on him after so many lost bets as a mare and in the end had bought one during the Euro trip. You can often find him in a maid's outfit cleaning around the mansion if not in a tutu dancing somewhere to unwind. However whatever he cooks apparently in the kitchen comes to live and tries to eat everypony present if he doesn’t yell at the food while cooking it. He’s still unaware why that’s the case.

Having gathered the resources mentioned in a book on demonic artifacts and relics in the library of the mansion, Lava had constructed a crystal sphere using his own blood to forge it after discovering from Arcane that he was half demon. To be exact its half fire demon from his father’s side, one whom only seeks a good fire with the risk of dying present. The Crystal sphere is nothing more than a gatestone that opens up a portal to and from the underworld where his father lives and goes about killing strong demons in a thirst for battle. It’s unable to be used by anypony whom isn’t at least part demon, meanwhile the power source for it is actually dark energy and demonic energy. It matters not wither this comes from killed opponents and/or by their blood being spilled. Upon meeting his father there were several questions answers yet at the same time more in its wake as Magma never told him who his mother way. Partly because he hadn’t asked at the time. </span></p>

Combat relatedEdit

He had gained fighting experience from killing several paladins for his master/mistress Samantha, an undead necromancer, as a part of her second job. He works as a Death knight in her service however he hadn't taken the final plunge by fallen and dying yet in battle to, becoming undead himself until a war broke out in the mansion and dying from his armor after enough weakening by blood loss to finish the job.


His armor was indecently there for protection and at the same time drawing him closer towards the final plunge at the time. The armor itself is nothing but plate armor with two enchantments and imbued heavily with dark energy, enough to possibly kill the wearer. Yet while it hasn't killed him until that battle, there's still the great pain caused by wearing it until turning undead. The first enchantment is to keep the armor clean, the other enchantment allows for the wearer to wield him enchanted fire sword safely, by protecting them from the blade's intense heats. Her armor does have two noticeable weaknesses though, there's no helmet and instead of wearing to shoulder pads, there's just the larger one to the right.


His sword is a Long sword, which had been entirely enchanted by him master/mistress with a fire enchantment and only active outside its sheath. It’s hot enough to be used to weld some metals. However since the entire sword is enchanted instead of just the blade; only a unicorn, something immune to intense heats, or someone using equipment enchanted to protect against it can safely use the blade. The sheath was also designed to not only hold the blade safely but deactivate the fire enchantment while the blade was inside.


Basically he'll try to keep his enemy focused in front and on his right side. However should he take enough damage or pain, adding in the pain from him armor, he'll keel over in pain. Becoming unable to continue on in the fight and possibly die if enough damage was done while living. He often attempts to hide what his second job is from everyone, accidently letting it slip once he had killed paladins before.

(If needed I can tone it down quite a bit, he's still in her early stages of fighting and quiet easy to fight by range or pressing on the left flank.)

Female formEdit


This is the female Lava. The future lava from Orion is pictured in the template.


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