Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Spartan Helmet

Sexual Orientation:




At a young age she was taken from her family and put in the UNSC and trained to be a "Spartan", a genitically enhanced soldier. They were trained to be the best, getting injections that made their muscle more dense and their bones virtually unbreakable. It also altered the eye color to a flouresent blue color. They never wanted to be there so when her squad of 3 Spartan's escaped from the training facility, the other two Spartans Chris and Josh were found, she ran from them and hid, she watched as her friends were being dragged away. Sometimes she can still hear the screams of them in her head "Help!" but there was nothing she could do, if she did she would have been captured and killed liked them. She can't forgive herself for what she did, those were her only friends. A few days after that she tried to drink away the memories, but it didn't do anything, just made it worse so she devoloped a hate for alcohol because it doesn't help anything. She has been wandering for a few years, with nowhere to go she heard of a mansion, so she headed to it in hopes that she could stop running from the UNSC.