"Hi there, I'm a lunatic."




A common house cat



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Lunacy was a unicorn stolen from his family at a very young age, before he had even gotten his cutie mark. He was taken to the Hargreave Medical Facility, in which he was kept for fifteen years of his life. Until the end of his school life, they didn’t seriously test on him, and he generally had a semi-normal life. While getting average to above-average marks at school, he wasn’t the most physically competent and was often bullied and referred to as the “tiny nerdy colt.” Because of this, he tended to be antisocial and not very sporty; he would rather spend his lunchtimes in the library than outside. When he was 8, he got his cutie mark in computers, specifically the software side, when Deadpony (Who he did not know it was him at the time) kicked him through a window into a computer store after Lunacy had argued with him over who got the last slushy in a store, as Deadpony had cut in line ahead of him.

After Lunacy finished his schooling life, the Hargreave Medical Facility started testing on Lunacy more and more, attempting to create, in their eyes, the “perfect pony”. However, Lunacy was a complete failure in that regard, with the only significant change being the complete shattering of Lunacy’s mental state. The ponies continued trying to work on him, trying to recover something out of the failed test subject. All of their work eventually came to fruition when Lunacy developed one out-of-the-ordinary power, the ability to somehow absorb mental functions of people he had been in contact with for an extended period of time. Over the course of several years, Lunacy had absorbed all of the personalities of everyone working on him into his head. As you can probably tell, having the personalities of over one hundred different ponies in your head at the same time is not good for your sanity, so Lunacy’s mental state only declined from there.

In a crowning moment of stupidity, the Hargreave Medical Corporation decided that the best plan for Lunacy was to completely wipe his memory and set him up with a normal life, periodically monitoring him. They had to remove the tag he had on his ear, creating the notch on his ear that he still has today. For a few years, Lunacy had a normal life, but that all changed the day he met Obliviouspony.

Recap for everything Lunacy had done in RPs to come later, when I stop being lazy.


Note: He is gay.

Butt Pirates of the Carabbiean:

He sailed the seven seas to find the perfect colt to fill his pleasure hole! His journy ended when he gargled some freshly squeezed mayo from some tan ponies hot dog.