Marisa Kirisame
Marisa Kirisame







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General Character SynopsisEdit

A magician whose ability is "Power to the extent of using high-level magic." After coming upon the mansion, she has taken it upon herself to do all she can to loiter the mansion's library quarters. She has done so to a significant extent, having managed to be bored doing so as she listened to all the rambling outside of the walls while reading and the like.

"Hm, about time to get out, should I?...


A hardworking magician known for her kleptomaniac nature, she was raised by her family who she had severed ties with. In this period of roaming, she was taught by Mimi to be a witch, with varying degrees of success; her long time rival and friend, Reimu, easily bests her. In a period of these incidents, Marisa's mentor was sealed, and she was left to roam again. She decided to settle down in the Forest of Magic, a nice place for people who do not want to be disturbed; otherwise, it is a hostile environment. Her shoddy house of doom, storage, and curiosities reside somewhere around here, with the house's appearances being highly deceptive to what treasures lie within. Otherwise, she makes her living 'borrowing items for life' and solving incidents. These, having managed to successfully solve them with 'flying colors', have managed to occupy her for some time, until she has managed to stir one up herself due to her heists. Not exactly on to stick around for the oh-so-happy lynching, she shoved everything she had into her hat, and proceeded to escape to another realm. Where this realm was shall not be known to her pursuers...

Participation in an Oblivious StoryEdit

Present from the moment Oblivious opened his mansion, she was mostly an observer of events, from Oblivious's battle with his former butler, a war with a dark god, to a haphazard bus ride with an obese man. However, she had confined herself to her room in her library for quite some time afterwards, playing games on her laptop.

Abilities and Equipment

  • Assortment of Light - Heat magic</li>
  • A bamboo broom</li>
  • Assortment of custom firearms</li>
  • The Gray Box</li>
  • Hat</li>
  • Hakkero</li>
  • Laptop</li>
  • Steal +99% Chance</li>
  • Observing magic to use for herself</li>
  • Poor stamina</li>
  • Playing games</li>
  • Humor that may not be understandable</li>