Master Bastion
Master Bastion
"Well, that was odd."


Unknown; younger than the mansion, but technically is the mansion.


Household deity/ Corporeal apparition


None, but prefers the form of a human male

Shipping Preferences:

Such fleshly desires as shipping are beyond Master Bastion.

Over the mansion's long and complicated history, it has been visited by an innumerable amount of unicorns, wizards, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, demigods, and other magical sorts. They have cast all manner of spells in its walls, not to mention more than a few warding spells to protect themselves. Over time, the wards began to conglomerate as they became heavier and heavier with the sheer amount of warding spells and use of other magic in general. Over time, the magic field that had permanently formed around the mansion began to achieve a crude sentience, only becoming more and more sophisticated as more and more magic was used on the mansion grounds. Finally, one day, the mansion's magic field awoke. Desiring a way to communicate with its residents, it looked for a suitable form with which to communicate; with this goal in mind, it decided to rummage through the mansions' video library to see what they found easiest to relate to. Unfortunately, considering the mansion used to belong to Oblivious, the video library consisted mainly of 90s surfer movies and pornography. Using this as a basis, the magic field took the form of an old man with an open Hawaiian shirt, and "he" chose the name "Master Bastion" for "himself."


Master Bastion is hard to describe adequately; "he" looks out for himself, as "he" sees the mansion's survival as being of the utmost importance, but "he" also has a quirky fondness for the mansion's residents. As such, "he" can either come off as distant yet kindly or slightly (very) eccentric, depending on how much peril the mansion is currently in.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Master Bastion has a curious power; although "he" doesn't like fighting, if "he" is pressed to it, "his" power level will be the exact same as the one "he" is fighting. If defeated, Master Bastion will disappear for at least several days, but neither side will suffer negative consequences from either a victory or a defeat... unless you count getting the cold shoulder for a week or so as a "negative consequence." As "he" is the mansion's magic field, "he" is capable of appearing and disappearing within the grounds at will, but "he" is hardly stealthy, meaning "he's" not the best at spying on others. It's unknown if "he" can travel outside the mansion's borders, but "he's" never been observed doing so. Something of note is that Master Bastion isn't a manifestation of the mansion's will; however, he is a manifestation of its innate magic field. As such, while he isn't directly tied to the mansion itself, it is nigh impossible to tell a difference between the passive magic field, Master Bastion, and the mansion itself.