2 (Cat years)


Tiny Cat



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Sexual Orientation:




From the land of Ooo, Memow arrived in Oatville and attempted to assassinate the Princesses of Equestria on behalf of her Assassin's initiation test, only to be stopped by the masked hero Oblivious. After being defeated by his cleverness, Memow lent her aid to the hero and summarily turned 'good' as time wore on in his presence, her interest in assassinating others dropping rather quickly. After the mansion's construction, Memow took residence in the walls, stockpiling food and hacking the security systems to get cable television. Her disappearance from Oblivious' life is credited to her complacency inside the walls of the mansion, where she remained safe and healthy off her stockpiled foodstuffs and mind-numbing television. Sassy to a point, and blunt when she wants to be, Memow is not much for idle chat with people she isn't familiar with. She prefers isolation, but in instances of socialization she will inevitably concede and converse with anyone. When she becomes more familiar with individuals, Memow can be quite friendly; often offering advice or an ear or needle to lend should they need it. With her time spent doing nothing, Memow has gotten quite lazy and often can be found watching Kennel Kitties to pass the time.