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Black and blue Mobius strip

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Lucky Storm

Combat Level:

A+ for Air-to-Air  :A- for Ground  :B- for unarmed

History: Mobius was born in a cloud city, thousands of miles outside of Equestrian rule. The skies for the pas several years before his birth have seen conflict time and time again. This cloud city, Windemere Heights, was the hub for a pegasus military group known as the Independent Skies Allied Forces. For the time that they had existed they had been attempting to repel the attacks of a military faction of eagles known as the "Aquila". These enlarged eagles claimed that the existance of the pegasi was a stain on thier skies and intended on ridding them by extermination. One day however, after years of trying to hold back the attacks, a massive assault on Windemere Heights was commenced. It was also found by Mobius personally of a special group of Aquila, who wore certain flight items that were emblazoned in bright yellow. The five individuals have forever been known as the "Yellow Squadron". During the raid, Mobius had escaped from his home, to see his father, who was also the Colonel of ISAF at the time, and mother both be picked up by one Yellow and had both of their wings sheared off. Being as Mobius was only 4 years old at the time, was a moment that he would never in his life forget. He was still not named at the time, so he is forever considered "unknown".

After the assault, and with the city destroyed by fire, he and the survivors simply retreaded. Day after day, they would hold up shelter in any accpeting city or suitible patch of land that they comfortably get rest in. A minty green pegasus that survived the attack, Airiaunus protected Mobius with her life, seeing that he was the only one of very young age that survived. Along their journey for a permenant residence they encountered Aquila quick attacks time and time again. But eventrually, after nearly a full year of trafelling, they made it to the borders of Equestrian rule. They soon encountered an Equestrian patrol and were all taken to the thrones of Canterlot for questioning. Upon speaking with Princess Celestia, and her understanding of what had happened to their shattered skies, and the implications of attacks from a faction such as the Aquila, the Princess gave immediate authorization of the intergration of the ISAF members into the Royal Equestrian Airforce. They were then reformed and renamed as Royal Equestrian Independent Allied Forces. They were then transferred to a recently constructed cloud city known as North Point. From then n it would be the GHQ (General Headquarters) for all of REIAF. Although, Mobius would not be transferred over there until he had gone through his basic aerial combat training.

By the age of 6 he was brought into the Cloudsdale Elementary, where he gained his basic education before being transferred to the Equestrian Pre-Militarized School system. This system was for the students that believed it was their sole destiny to be a part of the military in their lives. Seeing as Mobius was brought up in such a background, and that the Yellow was driven into his mind, he figured it was his only choice. Through his years of schooling, he had never earned his cuite mark, despite all of his self performed flying and self perscribed practices he did. He almost never got pointed out for that however, due to him simply taking all of his studies with him, listening alone to music, or reading any interesting material he could find. He was also never given a name yet, so everyone simply referred to him as "One", since he was the first one on the attendance sheets.

After his graduation, he was immediately transferred over to North Point, where his combat train immediately began. Due to him being the only young one that survived the Aquila attack to join into the program he was highly regarded and a promising student. One eventful day came along however when they were studying advanced Geometry, when one of them pointed out a diagram of the "Mobius strip" in the book. From what he read, any object that rode along this strip was "unorientable". A few days later, was his final combat and performance evaluation. This consisted of a manoeverability test, speed and acceleration test, firing accuracy, fall recovery and advanced evation tactics. In his manoeverability test, he had the sharpest and cleanest turns of all the trainees. Accuracy was at an astounding 88% rate, recovery from a freefall was 100%. His evasiont tactic was one that not even the instructors had done, for he pulled a Kulbit and for the final segment, speed, he gained so much speed so quickly that he broken through the sound barrier. A feat that nopony thought would ever be possible at level flight (This is implying that the Sonic Rainboom comes in at approximately Mach 5). Upon landing, the instructors noticed something about him. A black and blue figure eight emblem on his flank. It was the exact shape of the Mobius stip shown just a few days ago. Since then, he has been referred to as Mobius one, or commonly Mobius.

He then became a full fighter of the REIAF and ready for active duty at the age of 20. He was immediately placed with his own designated sqadron, the Mobius Sqadron, 118th Tactical Fighter Wing, 1st Division of the REIAF. He was the only pilot of the squadron, but still stands proud of it. Just a week after his draft he was thrown into a probing strike by the Aquila. With his apparent skills he swiftly eliminated ALL threats in the vicinity. The voracity of his engagement struck much fear into the hearts of the enemy. He has performed in other high caliber engagements along his service of the REIAF and gaine a reputation among the enemy. Chatter from the Aquila has called him "the Ribbon Fighter" or just Ribbon. Evident because of his mane and tail that look similar to streamers as he flys. Mobius is the offical counter for the Yellow Squadron, and his peers and wingmen are confident of it and his eventual success.

Through Mobius's studies at the Training Academy, he constatnly was brianstorming on how the weapons systems and availibity of data to the pilots could be improved. Many drafts and ideas spruted from him. He envisioned a simple, yet interconnected setup will aid all of those that use it and give them that extra edge in combat of all kinds. His idea consisted of primarily having all critical data right in ones eye view. And the best way he thought was a panel, or set of visors to lay it all out organized and easily accessible. He eventually got some funds to delve into this system of unified communication and destruction. With much help from many different sources he was able to put together a set of experimental visors. To the present from then he has been testing, improving and customizing the visors so that they are tailored for almost any encounter that he may face. In addition to that, he helped develop a new weapon system. Instead of a clip fed .303 gun pod, a long barrel .50 caliber gun with large belt feed was made for long term engagements, while still able to bring down a lethal blow from the sky. Not only do the visors have so many features Mobius has a hard time keeping track of, but they are also the vital link between him and the REIAF aeirial asset Sky Eye. The progression with this project has lead some ponies in the REIAF to simply call it the Mobius Project.

Along with protecting Equestria from Aquila attacks, he is now in a contract of defense for Oblivious's Mansion for all of its residents. Many friends have been made so far in the mansion, some more than others. Recently, he gifted Lt. Chromia Merriam Dash with a pair of flight visors as well, along with a dual .50 caliber system, being the third pony in the world to use a system like this.

Mobius, despite his normal refusals to the responsibilites of a relationship, is now currently with Lucky Storm in one.


Mobius is always willing to listen as to what one has to say, and quickly and efficiently react accordingly. Mobius can be hard to irritate, but when you finally do, things can get painful pretty quickly. He is one of the most loyal ponies that one will ever meet, and is not afraid to handle the truth, for it has happened as such many times to him before. He is on his hooves ready to fight at a moments notice, and combat training has always kept him diciplined in battle and other adverse situations. Overall Mobius is just a badass with a good heart. And he like to make that known.

"Nothing Else Comes Close"

The Mobius Project

This is the back story for Mobius One, currently in development. Links to the chapters will be posted as they are developed.

Chapter One:Shattered Skies Shattered Hopes