Cptn. Isabella "Mystic" Amadeus Bolt


117 (looks about 15 to 20.)





Cutie Mark:

A gear shaped like a treble cleft

Sexual Orientation:

pansexual leans to Lesbian



Shoot to kill now in Technicolor

Born in Trottingham in 1897 to a musical family they were a happy family till her father died of tuberculosis when she was age four. carrying on her Father's violin talent she learned to play on her own keeping his for special occasions. though her mother was surprised it wasn't her talent. When she was 8 her mother passed as well leaving her alone. (though that part was already established.) being brought to her aunt's house to live after her mother's passing she became determined to make something of herself Using her inheritance to learn about something that fascinated her: History. Her nose was figuratively always in a book the young filly loving every legend she came across one interested her the most. The fountain of eternal youth. One day her Uncle had came home with a broken music box as a gift for our at the time little hero, trying to fix it before Little Mystic could see it. though having no knowledge of clockwork he struggled to get the cogs to work. he looked at her and she came over and asked to take a look she then started to put everything in place seeming to have a natural talent for machines big and small. That music box started playing the tune her father used to play for her she stared at the music box for a while not realizing that her mark appeared until her aunt and uncle had said something.


years later when she was of age she set out on a journey that would change her life forever. she boarded an airship and sets sail to Dodge city making clockwork toys to sell for a living until one day the town was invaded by the native Buffalo tribe. She was taken back to the tribe along with the gypsy cart she had bought as a home at the time. her talent was wanted by the Chief to make sure the settlers didn't go into their graveyards taking the land to put more crops and forcing them to go further into the reservation. they didn't have much to offer but a Map to a fabled ancient earth pony that the Spanish called Eldorado. mystic at first looked at them skeptically but took the map and the silver they had curious to where this map would lead.

After the Buffalo had let her go and the contraption they wanted was finished Her curiosity got to her and went back to town to research local legends. she figured it was work a shot and went out to the ruins.

as she approached the plateau where the buffalo map said there would be a cave entrance she looked around for one, lo and behold there was. still skeptical about the whole thing she went inside being able to locate traps on the way since they stuck out like a sore thumb. She gets to the other side and there it was a lost city with a lot of gold. mind you not paved in it but a lot. she smiled at her luck and grabbed as much as she could. then curiously goes into a temple like structure and spots a fountain with three goblets one made of stone, one of silver encrusted with gems and one that looked as if it were made of crystal being thirsty in the desert heat she thought nothing of the water, it looked clean enough to drink. she grabbed the crystal goblet and ran it under the spigot and down the entire thing jumping in surprise as the goblets disappeared. she high tails it out of there not knowing what she had drunk.

The Great War. It wasn't until Mystic had joined the fight for Princess and Country that she knew what was going on with her body. she hadn't aged a day since three years ago. She got clipped by a bullet on the leg and went down by the time the medics got to her it had healed completely she blinked looking at the strips of fabric soaked in her own blood that she had used to stop the bleeding or so she thought. They sent her home after that. going back to Trottinghem for the time being was perfect timing. her aunt and uncle had given her the key to the lock box of her inheritance. she looked at the money and looked up simply thinking of her parents and what they would have wanted for her, she bought an older steamship steam powered and in disrepair she spent days fixing the rig up and launched it as the Concerto...

exploring the world in search for treasure is not a small feat she learned to fight off airship pirates at every turn then one day she wandered into a thick cloud of fog in the middle was the isle of Unicorntis a place where a tribe of unicorns lived for thousands of years feeling the already powerful magic inside of her they taught her to use the Arcane magical arts learning one important thing about crystals...they can be used as a battery and a mana ammo storage. she had leaned a great deal form them and how to use her magic in powering machines and weapons. and with that her and that old rig have been traveling the world exploring ever since.

In the mid 20's mystic had gotten married to a mare named Rose Deco and had a daughter by the name of Olivia Sweetsong. Unfortunately however Rose had died of a sleeping pill overdose, the cause purely accidental but Isabella has had a hard time forgiving herself for her beloved one's passing. they had twenty years together and she had planned to take her to the fountain but there was nothing she could have done. Our heroine travels the ends of the earth in search of Adventure and treasure. Not giving a damn who's in her way.