Rosaline "Nevermore" Umbra







Cutie Mark:

Tribal mark resembling a unicorn horn

Sexual Orientation:




Nevermore was born to the same lineage of demigods and demigoddesses as Mercury. Nevermore's parents were committed to a psych ward for unexplored reasons, and Nevermore was separated from them at birth. When she was old enough to stand on her own, she was given her own cell, and left there. Nevermore was alone for nearly her whole life. Her sanity was borderline gone by the time she discovered she was powerful enough to free herself. At the age of 14, she broke free of the psych ward. She traveled for most of her life, teaching herself whatever she could. Ultimately, she matched intellects with most people her age, and she advanced as most normal people would. However, the first years of her life being spent in isolation, she was anti-social. Story happened, and eventually she met Mercury. Mercury was able to bring Nevermore's mind back from the brink of insanity, and give her something constant to hold on to. More story happened, and she was killed in a war with a major antagonist of a story that has been formulating in my head for about 5 years now. Her astral body floated into this plain, where there's more story stuff that happens, which I don't want to go into right now. Her cutie mark is similar to Brinkles's (STORY REASONS), with a tribal mark resembling a unicorn horn, representing her natural skills in the dark arts. Nevermore is typically shy, but her behavior can shift almost instantaneously. She is usually calm and collected, but she has a short fuse, and can become quite destructive when angry. I'm fine with shipping this character as well. She is currently shipped with Brinkles, who has MORE story shit going on! ALL THE STORY! ALL OF IT! Nevermore is a master of the dark arts and has ludicrous physical strength. She is not as strong as Mercury, but she is faster, and more skilled as a fighter.