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Nimble Wing
Nimble Wing by Prince Bluelolz
"I protect my friends. No matter what."


Mid Thirties





Cutie Mark:

A golden shield shrouded in blue flames

Sexual Orientation:


Current Relationship:

Ginger Slice

Previous Relationships:

Derpy Hooves, Chicken Scratch, Crimson Charcoal


Captain of the /oat/ville Weather Team


Necklace with a Blue Gem. The gem contains the Spirit of Darkness that once tried to possess him.

Other Characters:

Jewel, Morning Charge, Northern Spring

This is the most used character of the user !SonicFbkn.

Nimble Wing is a pegasus who was one of the first to come to the Oblivious Mansion. He has quite an extensive backstory, so this page will be a place to keep track of it all. I'll put a nice summary of his current character at the top of the page, but write out everything below. I'll do my best to keep it up to date as the RP develops. I also save every RP I take part in, so everything written about his past will be accurate. If you have questions about the character, and are too lazy to read this page, then just ask me about it in the AOS OOC thread. I'll get back to you as best I can.

I'll probably make periodic updates as I type everything, so it'll be incomplete for a while. I've got quite a bit to type up.

Nimble Wing's Current Status:

Nimble Wing currently lives in a shack in the woods that formerly belonged to Dusty Page. He resides there with Ginger Slice, his marefriend, and Jewel. He takes time to visit both the Oblivious Mansion (AOS) and the Wayne Manor (BLN) from time to time in order to visit his friends.

Now that he's been freed of his contract with Crimson Charcoal, there's no looming danger of his loved ones being brutally murdered, but his wings are still broken badly. Having been set wrong for so long has left them twisted, so he'll need to seek out somepony who can repair the wings that he was so proud of.

Significant Changes of Note: His powers from using the Darkness, or the Darkness using him, are now gone. He has returned to being a normal pegasus. He also now constantly wears a necklace with a blue gem on it. This gem contains the Darkness that was recently sealed. His wings are shattered, but no longer bound by contract, and are free to be healed as soon as he can find a suitable doctor.


Nimble Wing was born in Cloudsdale. His parents were Thunder Clap and Rainstorm, who both worked on the weather team. It was apparent early on that he had severe anger problems, as he was easily angered, and when he did get angry, he reacted much more strongly than was required. Despite this, he showed a talent for flying, as it ran in the family. He was at the top of his flight class, so he was placed among other fillies and colts in the advanced classes, where he managed to come across as average among them.

Although he had many other young pegasi around him, he didn't have many friends because of his anger. In light of this, he decided to spend a lot of time on the ground instead of in the clouds. He didn't feel any connection with nature or anything, but he just enjoyed being able to find places to be alone. It was during one of his trips to the ground that he stumbled upon a small pegasus filly named Derpy Hooves. She had been abandoned on the outskirts of a small forest, left with nothing but a small tub of bubble solution, which had run out. He approached the filly and offered comfort and help. A problem with her eyes prevented her from flying correctly most of the time, so he found her a place to stay on the ground. He brought her food and water, kept her entertained, and basically became her only friend.

It was during this time that something happened that would change the outcome of his entire life. Due to his anger, a powerful dark spirit was attracted to him, and it wanted nothing less than to take Nimble Wing's body for his own, which would be much easier to do because of his anger. The spirit, from here on known as the Darkness, attempted to force its way into Nimble's mind, but was rejected by his subconsciousness, as it was a foreign intelligence. After several attempts at forcing its way in, which merely caused Nimble Wing minor headaches, it decided that a different approach was required. One night, when Nimble was asleep, the Darkness slipped into his mind, literally visiting him in a dream. It asked him if it could become one with him. He promised that he could have super powers, and would be a better flyer. Being the child that he was, and the fact that it was a dream, Nimble Wing gladly accepted. Now, having been given permission, the Darkness was able to finally make its way into Nimble's mind, beginning the slow process of spreading itself throughout his body, mind, and soul. This, however, would be a time consuming matter, and would have no effects until much later.

Once Nimble Wing graduated from Flight School, he was at possibly the happiest time in his life. Not only did he have more time to have fun, as he no longer had to attend classes, but he was also going to be teaching Derpy how to fly so that she could join him up in Cloudsdale. After several weeks of lessons, he had gotten Derpy to the point where she would be able to make the journey up into the clouds above. When they both landed in Cloudsdale, having successfully flown up with no problems, Derpy was so excited that she gave him a friendly peck on the cheek. However, the awkward silence that followed showed that perhaps there was more than simple friendship between them. They had grown close in their time together, and it would go further as time went along.

Time passed, and most things stayed fairly normal. Nimble Wing and Derpy Hooves ended up being married. They both got jobs at the Cloudsdale Rainbow Factory, much to the horror of Nimble Wing's parents. Being on the weather team had run in his family, as they were all strong fliers, which was why he was named the way he was. Not real issues developed from this, but there was always an air of awkward when the topic of careers came up around Nimble Wing's family. Together, Nimble Wing and Derpy had their first daughter, named Sparkler.