Northern Spring


late 20s





Cutie Mark:

Small patch of trees

Sexual Orientation:




Combat Ranking:


Northern Spring was always uncomfortable with being around others, preferring to keep to herself. This led her to become secluded, even from her parents, and to spend most of her time in the nearby forests. One day, it became too much for her, and she ran away from home, barely regretting her decision. Since her talent was living in the wilderness, she felt perfectly at home in the forests, and became a wanderer, never staying in one place for too long. However, one day, she attempted to try magic that was far beyond her abilities that would help her with her social problems. It backfired heavily, and forever caused her horn to be slightly curved. It also made it so she can't stay indoors for too long, otherwise her magic will build up and backfire, causing an explosion of arcane energy. If she is in a room that is open to the sky, this can be avoided. She's been on the move her entire life, and came by the Oblivious Mansion when she found a letter from a pegasus on the ground. She delivered it, talked for a bit, and then moved on. However, she was found by a group that went to rescue Lucky Storm, who she had helped as a filly. After helping her for a second time, and talking with the clone of herself that Lucky had created, Spring decided that she might stick around this time. She's very socially open, despite being a loner. Bubbly, happy, and energetic, she loves being friendly. However, she's easily frightened away, and will often be found spending time alone. She's also very emotionally controlled, and doesn't like fighting much.