Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Batpony Symbol

Sexual Orientation:



Carrot Top

Combat Ranking:


It started when he moved to Oatville. He had become Batpony, gotten a Mansion from a Genie wish in Oats times of magic, and managed to make a ton of friends through his drive. Though alot of those friends didnt share his view, and he ended up getting backstabbed or in the middle of infighting between the ponies he knew, he eventually took it upon himself to not cast out or truly hate anypony. In the end, he left to found Orion, a specialized base with a team of New Ponies with a more noble drive.

Eventually it was discovered the reason behind the evil, and strange characters, was because of rifts-tears in space and time that had led Equestria to be mixed in with many worlds. After having driven off his friends over mixed feelings, he eventually found himself forced to face and close them in one final bout.

He, and a few friends whom he had left who were not caught up in their own endeavors or had abandoned him, went on to close the final rift at the cost of him using his very technologically advanced batsuit to close it, at the same time destroying him.

With the ones he loved, and the mare he loved, now without him, things move on, and he lives on in a legacy and in the memories of the loved ones he left behind, and where he is now...remains unknown.