Page Scribbles
Page Scribbles


168 (25)





Cutie Mark:

Quill and parchment

Sexual Orientation:



Berndem Bones

Born in 1846 in London, England, to a mother that died at childbirth and a father who left him, he grew up in an orphanage not knowing his name or who his parents were. So he named himself Page Scribbles after his love of writing and the many scribbles he made when writing. He doesn't know much about his past, or at least he wished he didn't. Around the age of 13 he ran away from the orphanage and lived on the streets for a few years, living each day not knowing if he would eat or not. At the age of 16 he joined a group of pirates to help him get off the streets. Around his 19th birthday he started work on an airship that he later finished (age 19-20). His airship is his home and is used as a pirate vessel. (age 20-21)One day he and his crew set sail to unknown lands in search of treasure. However, this landed them in the Bermuda Triangle where they wandered stuck in time for many years never aging, or experiencing any other feeling except fear and torment. Here they required no sleep or food, it was as if time was moving at an incredible rate while they didn’t move at all. Then finally as if a stroke of luck they struck through the triangles curse and sailed to the nearest landmass. Finding out the situation they were in they adapted to it, but remained pirates for lack of a better choice. For two years they wandered around till one day they discovered a mansion (age 21-23). Seeing as this mansion was an excellent hub for his affairs he decided to stick around, living in his airship, thankfully the inhabitants were not hostile to this decision. He is a gentlecolt, reserved, honest (a bit too honest sometimes), and he dislikes conflict but will fight if necessary. He is technically around 168 years old, but in reality is only 25 due to the curse of the triangle stopping his aging for that period of time.


While at the mansion he found an injured flying squirrel that he helped get back to it's normal health. The squirrel seemed grateful and decided to stay so he gave him the name Chipper. The squirrel wears a bowler hat and a tie, which Page made for him. Chipper is rather intelligent, especially when it comes to wiring.

Also while at the mansion Scribbles received a knife wound to the chest causing him to need a new heart. Which he had been making for another occasion, but instead it was used on him.