Roman Candle
Oh Yeah


(23) When Introduced (27) Post Samael Arc





Cutie Mark:

Vibrant Green and Yellow Firework

Sexual Orientation:




Pyro Spark

Biological Son:

Mortuus Tempest

Adopted Daughter:


NotExactly Adopted Daughters:

Larry, Fruitaloo, Zippy

Roman Candle left home shortly after his mark appeared. His first few months wandering were spent in the woods near his childhood home, and were desperate times for him. He was eventually 'taken in' by a group preferring to call themselves mercenary's.

While in their care, he realized his proficiency with Explosives went beyond Simple Fireworks, and learned to utilize a variety of them. While the mercenary's gave him a place to stay, he did have to earn his keep, following them on jobs, and eventually learning to handle them on his own.

After several years of service under them, he grew tired, and sickened by their methods, and types of work they underwent. His solution to this was to plan a disaster--The next job he was sent on, he over did the explosion, leveling far more than meant, and staging his own demise.

Heading back into the woods again to stay hidden, he eventually found himself in /oat/ville, where he used what money's he'd taken with him to buy a small shack on the edge of town. He lived happily there for some time, using the skills he'd honed to take on random jobs around the community, making enough to cover the the things he needed. That is, until one fateful day he made a mistake in one of his mixtures, detonating everything stored inside the shack, and sending him careening off into the distance where he landed in a certain mansion...

Very welcoming to new friends, and seemingly lighthearted. Does his best to keep things civil and protect anypony around him, can be over-protective and even quick to anger when it comes to his closer friends. Often holds himself personally accountable for things that happen, and is deeply worried of hurting those he cares about himself.

Mark is a vibrant Green and Yellow Firework, first appeared right before he left home. Through his time wandering he discovered he had a certain talent for explosives of all varieties. As for his magic, he can generate light, and has honed his telekinesis to be particularly accurate. Shortly after arriving at the mansion he began trying to learn more, and so far has gotten the hang of basic teleportation.

Following his return from Through the Rift; He has gained more faith in himself, and his ability to protect his friends. He is now actively training to improve his magic; though the progress is slow.

Oh yeah, and since then!

He met his would be wife, fought some demons, adopted a changeling, had some weird kids take to following him around, spent 4 years in what's easiest described as hell, got married to the adopted daughter of that hels god, and had a foal of his own with her

"I, I was just trying to get some doughnuts!" --Roman Candle on getting shot