Scarlet Bind
Scarlet Bind







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Thread & Needle

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Scarlet was once a tailor who was born in Silent Ponyville. One day, she was approached by a hooded stallion who told her to come with him. He kept rambling on about her becoming a god but she resisted. The stallion knocked her unconsciouss and drug her into the woods. Here, her and her daughter Crystal Bind, were sacrificed. She was reborn as Vesania Scarlet Ligare, a daemon goddess of madness.

Vesania Edit

She was originally Scarlet Bind, she and her daughter were sacrificed in Silent Ponyville to become Vesania and Dementia. They are spiritually bound to the town to this day. They have absolutely no memory of what happened in Silent Ponyville as far as their past lives go. She currently is the Goddess of Madness but can only control her realm and Silent Ponyville. She is addicted to blood and is usually very cynical. To this day, she mostly stays in her realm in hell. One of which the group of Oblivious's Mansion has had to enter to save their friends life. Though she is cynical, she love to play the emotion card with people she can manipulate.

Deadpony and Vesania met when Deadpony was brought into the Weapon H program. Only with Vesania's help, did he escape. After he exited the asylum, he cried to the heavens saying he had done as she asked. Vesania appeared behind him and brought him to her realm. They formed a relationship over many years but one day, a fight broke out. Deadpony was kicked out of her realm and was told never to return. Years later, they were forced to come back to revive one of their good friends Adeptus Saxites. They were all met by their own trials, attempting to drive them all to Insanity. Deadpony's trial consisted of [REDACTED]. After they revived their friend and escaped they threw a celebration back home. Deadpony was in the process of cooking a pizza with he found a small, Daemon filly. This filly's name was Dementia. This filly gave Deadpony a reason to become a better pony, as Vesania watched from her realm. Dementia was already 3 years old when she arrived at the mansion. After the group returned from Silent Ponyville, a new character took care of Dementia. The character's name was Hematite. After a while, Vesania brought Dementia back to live with her. Dementia arrived back at the mansion to be 17 years old.