Seras Wisp




Bat Pony



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A magnifying glass with wings

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Lt.Chromia Meriam Dash

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Award Officer
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A child of two high class ponies, she would usually run off to see the various sights in Equestria when she could. One day she went into the Everfree Forest. She went deep into the woods and almost got killed by a cerberus. She managed to escape and made it back home badly injured. She was sheltered by her parents for the rest of her childhood. When she grew old enough to move out, she joined the night guard, serving Luna. Her talents were recognized and she was in charge of exploring the world outside Equestria and defending it from any outside creatures during the night.

It was after the cerberus attack when she gained a want to explore more and find adventure, despite barely surviving the attack with the cerberus. After she gained that want she got her cutie mark.

Discovering the mansion from a rumor in the guard, her curiosity got the better of her. One day, when she had some free-time, she flew over and found the mansion. Upon arrival, she was instantly greeted by Creeparka in a... unique manner. Creeparka popped up out of the ground next to her, surprising Seras a bit. It was her who informed Seras of tunnels that were underneath the mansion. While helping Creeparka out by helping her explore some of the tunnels, they were soon trapped by a fire elemental. While suffering some burns, Seras managed to defeat the creature and get them both out alive.

A while later, she discovered the Orion: a space station devoted to protecting the planet itself. There she met many nice ponies, all with very special talents that help protect from the horrors that come out of rifts. Only after visiting the Orion for a while did she find out how important the rifts were to both her and the members aboard the space station. One day, while talking to her friend, an alarm went off, saying that part of the station was greatly damaged. She was unaware that some dragon with a mech-suit was the cause of this. Not seeing anyone work on fixing the damages right away, Seras and Zoticus go off to repair it themselves. Seras... didn't know much about space and some of the safety precautions needed to make these repairs, so she her methods of helping were a little... primitive. She basically just tied a rope around herself and hoped for the best. This, obviously, didn't end well. The rope snapped and her life flashed before her eyes as she began falling down the damaged side of the space station. She would have suffered a horrible death if not for Zoticus. At the last moment he was able to grab on to her hoof and save her. While she seems to have gotten over the event, she has never built enough confidence to return to the Orion since.

When she returned to the mansion, things certainly changed. Everything felt rather lifeless as not many ponies could be seen anymore, and the halls remained empty. It certainly seemed strange for any mansion, really. After a few weeks of this, though, she met Mobius One. He was someone she could instantly give her highest respects to. He was kind, noble, and always there when she needed him. He may not be aware of this, but, in her eyes, he would be her best friend throughout her visits in the mansion.

Just as she began feeling comfortable and rather accepted in the mansion, she found trouble with a mare named Lt. Dashy. She was apparently from a dimension where Luna was evil and the bat-winged guardians that followed her were ruthless brutes. Seras would have found herself in much trouble if it wasn't for Mob and the new comer, Aquarius. The two did their best to hold off Dashy and Mob even took a beating for her some, and in the end, the Lieutenant discovered that she was just a regular guard for the good Luna. Once Seras was aware of Dashy's background, she not only understood why she threatened her in the first place, but was also able to completely forgive her for the trouble. Over a week later, Seras would be asked to join Dashy in her new unit, devoted to protecting the mansion and keeping some of the chaos at bay. Seras proudly accepts and looks forward to training with her new comrades.

While in the mansion, there was one stallion who would make her feel quite... awkward. His name was Kromato. He seemed nice and friendly, but would make her feel uncomfortable by occasionally asking her out or something like that. Just when she was ready to down-right blow him off, he redeemed himself by asking her for one chance. Willing to agree to this and feeling slightly sympathetic for him, she went out on one date with him. This was a shocking success as he was able to "woo" her to him. Soon Seras would find herself with a new coltfriend.

When the demon came to capture Apple Bloom while Larry and Pill Popper were trying to resurrect her, Seras was alerted to this instantly after the creature made a loud roar, taking energy from the mansion itself. She went down and fought with the two, nearly getting killed by the demon in the process. Fortunately Larry was able to drive him back into Hell and prevent this from happening. Apple Bloom was revived and all was well once they all recovered from their injuries. Seras was even awarded with a key to the room in basement 11 to the Lazarus Pit.

When Seras finally recovered from her injuries, things only seemed to have gone to Hell. She went outside to instantly see a true horror occur right in front of her. A mansion from an alternate reality where zombies have taken over came to this realm, thanks to the help of the zombified god of chaos. The mansion took a heavy blow all around her as ghouls and other powerful zombies smashed their way into the building. After maintaining as much stability as she could, Seras went to her division with Lt. Dashy to help take back hold of the city. She helped do such, going through a mental tragedy with herself from all the death she has witnessed during her travels. Seras managed to find her way back with everyone from the mansion who came to the city as well after fighting off all the ghouls that were in the mansion. She teamed up with them to find Pill and rescue her, taking everyone back to the mansion after the zombie invasion seemed to have been at least contained. Just when the storm seemed to have passed, the zombified Discord that brought forth this nightmare to this world to begin with, appeared to kill everyone in the mansion. Everyone fought and eventually he was killed, restoring some sort of peace in the world again.

A while passed and Seras seemed to have settled down a bit more. After going through relationship issues, she left Kromato, but fortunately it was on good terms by the end. She even got to keep her adopted daughter, Liu Kang (or Kaitlyn as Seras mostly refers to her by). 

With the help of Lt. Dashy and Andrew, Seras was able to get herself a room in the mansion after months of only visiting. Her reasoning for doing so now was because she found herself a family in the mansion and wanted to stay closer to them. This wouldn't have been so easy if she kept her home in Canterlot. The move was rather easy as her room was more than she ever expected. The only difficulty in moving, though, was the long way up to her actual room. She now lives in the mansion.

Although this seemed like a great time for Seras, she soon had to struggle when she found out her new daughter, Sweetie Belle, was abducted and replaced by a changeling. Seras never really liked changelings. Her dislike was only turned to hate after her encounters with Bella, the Universal Queen of the Changelings. Sadly, this led Seras down a darker road as she murdered the young changeling that was swapped with Sweetie Belle in cold blood. Before killing the changeling, she found out where they were keeping Sweetie Belle and set out after her with the help of Andrew and his dog, Soap. This journey would turn into a humiliating defeat as the party was over ran by the changeling hive and they were forced to retreat. She was disheartened until she found that Sweetie Belle was never actually in the hive. She was only in the forest, hanging in a cocoon in a tree. After finding her, she sent her over to Pill to recover from the slime and get brought back to good health.

Seras was punished for her hatred towards changelings when she was turned into one for two days by Eris. With the help of Carrot Top, she soon found her senses and learned that changelings have the same capability to do good as any other pony would.

A dark time came to the mansion, as Seras found herself and her friends getting into fights left and right from supernatural beings. One of them was a demigod named Kori. After the powerful mare killed Zoticus (who's soul she had to buy from Solen), Apple Bloom, and badly injuring Andrew, Seras knew she had to fight her one on one. The fight ended in a huge success, despite not killing her. Seras captured Kori and found out about the goddess, Arcadia, who planned on killing Pill Popper and her family, while taking over both the AOS world and the BND world. She went to the BND dimension to find Pill and find out more on what was going on. She was reliefed to find that Pill was still okay. Unfortunately, she came at a bad time, as this was when Arcadia started her strike on both worlds. Seras made it all the way back to her world to the mansion, and alerted everyone that war has broke loose. An attack was made on the mansion by a droid with the power of a tank. Seras fought with Spider Pony, Mobius, and Andrew. Despite their efforts being great, the cost for winning the battle was severe, as Seras witnessed the death of Andrew Popper, her best friend. The next day, when the heavens were broken and Arcadia's castle came into view. Seras went up with Mobius and Bridin in the hopes of ending this once and for all. They all fought with all their strength against the goddess. Seras found herself nearly under the influence of defeat as her armor started to break and her life was starting to give in. In a last effort, Seras and Mobius teamed together to defeat the goddess. Even though they stopped her, she grabbed Seras before dying and destroying herself in the hopes of taking Seras with her. Seras managed to survive, but she was placed under a coma. For defeating Arcadia, she was bound to her crown; a tool that gave her access to every spell a unicorn is capable of using.

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