Smile 2
Name: Shylock Slayton

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Cutie Mark: Those are for horses

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationships: Margaret

Personality: Shylock is a somewhat reserved and calm person. He’s not easily phased by anything. Besides fighting strange enemies in the most unorthodox ways with the rest of his cohorts, he spends the rest of his time hanging around the mansion. His academics are pretty poor and his mother scorns him constantly because of it. He’s also known to be pretty courageous when he needs to be. In short, Shylock’s your average teenager dealing with a few not-so-average situations.

History: Before Shy was running around getting stoned and fighting space overlords, he was living with his mother and sister in a small town called Compton (STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON). His mother discovered his poor grades he was earning in school and threatened to kick him out of the house and not let him come back until he decided to turn his life around. Shylock never listened and ended up getting thrown out into the cold world we call "Real Life". The first few days were pretty hard on him until he met up with a guy named Kamina. It took Kamina and Shy only a few hours before becoming best friends. It was them against the world and nothing could tear them apart. They would walk into supermarkets and steal whatever they could before the police came to apprehend them. Now they live in the Oblivous Mansion with their other two friends, Mordecai and Rigby. Only time can tell what crazy adventures they'll have in that insane Mansion.