Character Name: Stockholm

Age: 25

Race: Earth Pony

Sex: Male


Born into a well to do family of unicorns, Stockholm's only other pony relative is his great grandfather. Throughout his upbringing he had a distant but amiable relationship with his parents and brother, though never feeling the same as them. Because of his difference, however superficial, he grew more and more distant from his family as he found that his views on certain subjects differed and their interests were often alien to him.

He eventually left home to go and live on his own near a forest. Though At first he felt isolated and depressed he eventually became comfortable away from everypony else, only going into town to buy food. Things quickly changed again however, as he noticed that on occasion ponies tended not to relaize he was present, shopkeepers would often be startled as he placed his bits on the counter at market as if he wasn't there. He used his apparent sneakyness to eavesdrop on conversations, fascinated in the private lives of other ponies and how they thought.

Though it took a very long time for him to notice it, he looked down at his hooves one day and noticed they were fading in and out, he panicked and quickly went to find a doctor. Once he had some tests run he was informed that he had a rare condition with only occured in roughly 1 in 10 earth ponies. Usually with this condition, the subject will inherit some form of seemingly magical powers. However, these abilities are usually so faint that they may only be able to lift small objects with great strain or add a very small boost to their running speeds. Stockholm, seemed to be special in that his near invisibility is proof of much greater magical inheritance. The condition usually attatches the magic to the pony in questions special talent. The doctor inducted that the reason for his exaggerated ability was because of his unusual bloodline, one earth pony and the rest unicorn.

With this information, Stockholm left the office and walked out onto the street. He felt a sudden gleefulness as he realized the possibilities of being able to overhear all these conversations, all the secrets of the town could be his! Then he remembered why those shopkeepers couldn't him!

Then he was captured by Crimson.


Though solitary by nature, he does love to listen in to conversations or generally be in the know about everything. His curiosity as to the workings of the minds of ponies was easily manipulated by Crimson as he became so easily fascinated by her and what she did. Quickly adjusting to his position beside her. His fascination for others leading him to become more 'social'

Special Talent:


General sneakyness

Cutie Mark:

A cloak. Though it changed to a cloak and dagger since he joined with Crimson.

Shipping Preferences: