Vaecordia, a realm of madness. This demonic place of unknown origin is owned by the Goddess of Madness, Vesania. This is also the birthplace of Dementia. The group went here in order to save one of their good friends known as Atta Tude. The group was put through many trials based on their own histories. Vesania refers to these trials multiple times as "The Games". The Games are developed in such a way that Victory is possible but hard to reach. Vaecordia is exactly 3287.25 times faster than the mortal realm. This allows unit conversion of eight hours in the mortal realm to be three years in Vaecordia. This is also the place that Vesania took Deadpony after he escaped the Weapon H program. Dementia was taken to Vaecordia at age four, she return at age seven-teen. This shows that Dementia was only gone from the mortal realm for a total of a day and a half. Many creatures of distinct variety also roam Vaecorida. What lurks below the ground, deep in the mining sections is unknown. On the surface, Splithead lizard roam the castle grounds and the realm. They act as Vesania's personal pets/guards. Her attendant, Valitel, also resides in this realm. Valitel has also been spotted in such places as Silent Ponyville. Suggesting that there is some way in Vaecordia that allows teleportation to multiple destinations. Another one of the destinations that Vaecordia has access to is the Oblivious Mansion.