Vinyl Scratch







Cutie Mark:

A Pair of Bridged Eighth notes

Sexual Orientation:



Married to Mystic Bolt

Vinyl Scratch began her life, on August, Eleventh, 1990 as Melodious Sonus . For the few years, her life was relatively unremarkable, When she was 6 years old, she saved up her money, and skipped School with a few of her friends, catching the bus, into Downtown She purchased a Concert ticket, and snuck backstage. There she got to meet her Musical idols, and after a Series of jams, and several minutes of unsupervised time with one of their Turn tables, she Received her cutiemark of a pair of Briged Eigth notes. This Cutiemark Paved forth her way into a career of music. her life carried on semi-normally, her parents heavily stressing Music lessons, mostly the Piano, When She was about 14 years old, Her parents Mysteriously disappeared, Leaving Vinyl to fend for herself, and soon, she was on the street after the House they once lived in was foreclosed. After two years of living on the streets, working anyway she could, from Being a Waitress at a Tavern, to helping bands set up at clubs, even down to doing unspeakable deeds for small change, all just so that she can eat, she had been flirting at the Cafe in Canterlot which she worked with a mare who had caught her eye, this mare was Octavia Philharmonic. Octavia was nice enough to let Vinyl move in with her while she reestablished herself, and got back onto her 4 hooves, and soon, they went from being roommates, to lovers. But unfortunately, it could not last. Vinyl's taste in the Newer music, along with her career boosting help with the hit album Pony Rock Anthem, increasingly caused strain on their relationship, as Octavia's refined tastes, and "Self centered Snootyness" began to butt heads with Vinyl's with increasing frequency, up to the point where several arguments would take place, over the simplest things, such as a comment about a Bistro's sandwich, or a Restaurant's ambient music. This caused them to break up. Vinyl moved out, heading back to her home town of Manehattan, in an attempt to increase her presence on the Club scene, where as Octavia chose to remain in Canterlot, in hopes to join the Royal Symphony. Vinyl's career continued to rise upward at a steady rate over the years, allowing her to establish a  nice cushion of funds in case she ever fell on hard times, although, with her skill levels, that would be doubtful. In an attempt to reestablish contact with her parents, she left Manehattan, and began to travel the world. Soon arriving at the Oblivious mansion, she spent considerable time there, deciding to use it as a base of operations, because hey... free food, and free beds. After a while of searching with no result, she finally just settled in and started to make progress on her career again. Soon after, she met Mystic bolt, and quickly fell in love. they clicked, and were quickly married. However, Mystic was enslaved to the Fountain of youth, keeping her young- and alive. When Mystic tried an affectionate measure, of offering Vinyl her blood, because of an unfortunate event at a concert, one where She had received an injury, and due to a copious amount of blood she lost on the scene, she was picked up by a Vampire, and Stalked, soon joining their ranks of unlife. In Mystics Well intended offering of blood, Vinyl graciously accepted, but due to the sheer power of the two conflicting magics, the Light of the fountain, and the Darkness of Vampirism, they nullified each other, and caused Mystic to be released from the clutches of the fountain. Unfortunately, this releasing quickly accelerated Mystic's aging, and with out Vinyl's Dark gift, Mystic would have most certainly died. Now with Mystic a Vampire, Vinyl now has the new challenges ahead of her of Controlling her urges, and Keeping on top of her new Unlife, and Underworld, that she is now in control of.